Hey Guys + Grabbers Update

Hey guys!

Thanks for all the great comments! It’s so exciting to see new ones in our guestbook.

We hope everyone has received their Save The Date by now. Please let us know if we’ve forgotten someone or if you haven’t gotten yours by now.

So we already have our first update. We got this report straight from Chad’s parents in Guana:

News flash:  We went to Grabbers for lunch today and they are totally remodeling everything, building a new bar and restaurant, updating all the rooms, adding new decking around the pool and a new gift shop.  We looked at the plans and it’s going to be really nice. I’m so glad because it’s such a beautiful spot, and it should be finished well before the wedding.  Told them we had several people coming for a wedding in October.

Yay! So for all of you planning on coming, please keep that in mind when making your reservations. Check out all the options for room and board at http://chadandkarina.com/wordpress/index.php/publish-personal-essays/.

— posted: February 27th, 2013 —